Gender Reveal Balloons FAQs

I'd like to be in on the surprise too. Do I need to know my baby's gender to order?

Most hospitals will provide a sealed envelope with your baby's gender that can be given to us so we can prepare your gender reveal balloons. We will then return this to you when you collect your balloon.  If the hospital/clinic plans to call us with this information we will require a follow up email/text message for our records so please check that they are willing to do this.

Although pretty accurate gender scans can on rare occasions be incorrect so we like to make sure you know we didn't just fill your balloon with the wrong colour! 

How far in advance do I need to order?

Depending on your choice of balloon and dressing options it can take up to one hour to complete.  Although we try our best to facilitate last minute orders, it is not always possible during busy periods. It is always advisable to book as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment. If you want the balloon for the same day as your scan if we have you booked in we can allocate a time slot in advance to complete your order. 

Will my balloon accidentally pop?

Although we check balloons for any faults or weaknesses prior to leaving our shop, your balloon could well pop if mistreated. please read and follow our general balloon care advice to prevent prematurely finding out your baby's gender with an accidental pop. 

Once your balloons have left our shop premises or if we are delivering is in your care we can unfortunately not be held responsible for any damage to your balloons.

I don't intend to do my reveal on the same day as collection. How long will my gender reveal balloon/s last?

This will depend entirely on the type of balloons you choose. In the case of box reveals we are able to treat the latex balloons so they will last a few days, on the other hand any of the filled pop balloons cannot be treated as that would result in a sticky mushy mess inside instead of confetti! The 11" type balloons would need to be popped within a few hours whereas the 3ft balloon option will float for a couple of days. Contact us to discuss your options.