Different levels of organic balloons

The ultimate in luxury balloons - organic balloon displays, garlands, hoops and backdrops. 

Available in garlands, full arches, demi-arches, as part of our 6ft circular display or incorporated with our 4ft light up numbers for hire - this style of balloons looks simply stunning!

We offer 3 levels of organic;

  • organic lite - organic style with 3 different sizes of balloons with plain or pearlised 11" balloons

  • Organic - Organic style with 4-5 different balloons sizes, some speciality balloons

  • Organic plus - Lots of different sized latex balloons from mini balloons up to 3ft balloons, additional speciality balloons 

including a choice confetti, chrome, orbz, bubbles, foils, 3ft and clearz balloons. Double stuffed balloons to achieve custom colours

not available in standard ranges. 

As these balloon displays are completely bespoke we recommend contacting us  to discuss your ideas and requirements in order to receive an accurate quote to achieve the look you desire.