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Find out your baby's gender with a HUGE pop!


These massive 3ft balloons are filled with different shades of either pink or blue confetti and 11" balloons which when popped are sent flying into the air in a burst of colour.


This balloon comes as standard on blue and pink ribbon and a neutral coloured weight.


Why not make your balloon extra special by dressing your balloon with with smaller balloons/tulle or a full length handmade tassel balloon tail? Just let us know which option you would like & the colour scheme.


If you want the reveal to be a surprise yourself, this is fine. Please arrange for a sealed envelope containing details of the baby's sex to be given to us, we will return this when your balloon is collected/delivered.


Please note these balloons do take some time to make so if ordering online allow at least 3 days before your required delivery/collection date. If required sooner than this please give us a call or message prior to purchasing to check we can accomodate this. Please note due to the size of this balloon it not available via post - please select collection or local delivery on the second stage of checkout.


Please read our balloon care & safety guidance below.

Gender Reveal Balloon Personalised With Any Message. Confetti & Balloons inside

  • Balloon care & safety guidance

    Please follow these balloon care instructions to extend the longevity of your balloons and to enjoy your balloons responsibly & safely.


    • Avoid exposing your balloons to extreme temperatures – hot & cold. Balloons are best kept at an ambient room temperature.

    • Try to remove your balloons from the transport bags as soon as possible.

    • Avoid balloons coming into contact with sharp objects and putting them under pressure – balloons are fragile and will pop.

    • Try to avoid contact with other surfaces which you may not think of as sharp but may adversely effect your balloons – e.g. door frames, ceilings.

    • If you have ordered a personalised balloon as the balloon shrinks (as all balloons do) you may notice wrinkling and bubbling of the text of the balloon. You can extend the aesthetic appearance of this by gently lifting the text and smoothing back down.

    • When you have finished with your balloons please dispose of your balloons responsibly and do not release into the environment.

    • Please do not leave children or pets unattended with balloons and should a balloon pop or any component come loose (I.e pom poms) dispose of any pieces of balloons or contents immediately as these may pose a choking hazard.

    • Never inhale helium from balloons – it can cause oxygen levels to plummet to hazardous levels and could potentially cause feinting and in extreme cases asphyxiationor even death.

    • Due to the current situation with Covid-19 we will attempt to sanitise your products where practically possible. We advise that you wash your hands as per government advice immediately after handling transport bags/boxes & the products inside and avoid contact with your face/mouth/eyes.