Make your house smell like Hogwarts with our Wax Melt snap bars inspired by the wizarding world!


This amazing value gift set for any potter fanatics includes:

• Limited edition “I solemnly swear” Wax warmer/ oil burner

• Butter beer scented wax snap bar

• Pumpkin Juice scented wax snap bar

• Potions Class scented wax snap bar

• Floo Powder scented wax snap bar


Our highly fragranced ParaSoy wax melt bars are the perfect way to fragrance your home. Not only are they colourful, sparkly & pretty but also make it easy to only use what you need, simply break off a few squares and add to your burner , or you could mix and match for a unique fragrance.


Our wax melts are handmade by us (In our little shop (in Mossley, Greater-Manchester) using only the highest quality ingredients and maximum scent load for the wax available. We love a bit of sparkle but rest assured we only use biodegrable glitter in all our wax melts and bath bombs.


Please note as all items are handmade colours/glitters may vary from pictured in different batches.



Use with caution around pets and Children. Never leave wax melts unattended. Safety sheet and ingredients available on request. All Wax melts comply with CLP labelling requirements


NOTE: Wand and chocolate frogs not included

Harry Potter Inspired Wax Melt Warmer & Snap Bar Gift Set


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