Great if you're looking for something small or for more than one balloon.

Smaller Gender Reveal Balloons

Want a gender reveal balloon but just want something small? 

These 11" 0r 16" balloons can be purchased singularly or with other balloons for a more decorative bunch. They are also a great budget option if you require multiple balloons.

These smaller balloons are quicker for us to prepare so require little or no notice and can often be done while you wait.

Each gender reveal balloon is filled with a generous amount of pink or blue hand-cut circular confetti in both dark and light shades to maximise the visibility of the colour when popped. Because of the size of the balloon and additional weight from the confetti your pop balloon float time is reduced so we advise collecting within a couple of hours of when you intend to do your reveal. If you choose to add any additional non-pop latex balloons these will be treated  so you can admire them for a few days.

From £3